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February 2017

What Defines A Mentor? Premier Brad Wall...

January 1st, 2017 was both a happy and sad day for many Albertans. A day filled with anticipation as... Read More »

June 2016 Issue


It is difficult to see Alberta brought to its knees first by an inexperienced government that created uncertainty in our oil and gas business and now by terrible fires that continue to devastate Fort McMurray. The good news is... Read More »

June 2016 Issue

The Spirit Of Alberta – Coming Together...

Canada’s energy has been the target of attacks from activists and naysayers for quite some time now.... Read More »

June 2016 Issue

Premier Brad Wall – Standing Up For...

Not one to shy away from supporting the energy industry, Saskatchewan Premier, Brad Wall, has always... Read More »

February 2016 Issue

Perception Is Reality

Politics in the 21st century is, more than ever before, about images, impressions, and perceptions. In the new Facebook and Twitter-saturated world we inhabit, opinions become facts in the blink of an eye, and emotion seems to matter more... Read More »

October 2015 Issue

Alberta Strong

“I lived through the 80’s.” I remember seeing many close friends and family lose just about everything. If I am honest, which I like to think I always am, it scarred me. I am an Albertan. My family moved here when I was two... Read More »

May 2015 Issue

Canada’s Energy Citizens: Big Oil Fights Back...

With Canada’s Energy Citizens, Big Oil says it is pushing back against Big Green in Canada... Read More »