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November 2014 Issue

Talent Crunch?

How many business owners do you know with an MBA? How many businesses are started by people who have a degree rather than an idea? I often feel like I am the last of a generation. I feel like I was the last person to sneak under the... Read More »

November 2014 Issue

The Licensee Liability Rating

The Trap From Which Many Micro-junior Oil Producers Won't Escape WHAT IS AN LLR? Alberta Energy Regulators (AER), formerly Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), implemented a revised Licensee... Read More »

November 2014 Issue
Laricina Energy Oilfield PULSE Interactive Magazine November 2014

Laricina Energy Ltd. Making A Difference Creating...

Derek Keller | Vice President Production. Recent Chair's Award Winner At The RCE Awards For... Read More »