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November 2015 Issue
different royalty structure

Back In My Day

Where The Royalty Review Has, And Will Take Us As I sit in yet another airport awaiting a flight to Houston, I marvel at what the oil and gas industry has done for us. From enabling us to travel the globe relatively freely and... Read More »

October 2015 Issue
The New Reality of Commodity Prices Oilfield PULSE October 2015 Issue

The New Reality Of Commodity Prices

In some ways, the past months can best be described by the Trammps, in that it has been a bit of a,... Read More »

April 2015 Issue

Risk vs Trust

The growth of risk management in companies has been staggering in the past few years. The practice itself makes a lot of sense if you are working closely with your supply network. I have seen the adage, “You miss 100% of the... Read More »

March 2015 Issue


There is an entire symbiotic system in your business that can flourish or flounder depending upon your company’s ability to collaborate and share information. I know what collaboration means to Plains Fabrication, and according... Read More »

February 2015 Issue

The Best Training Ground for Industry

In my previous article, I discussed training in general terms, and we talked specifically about... Read More »

January 2015 Issue

The True Cost Of Training On The...

Ask anyone in the industry today where the majority of competence comes in an individual employee,... Read More »

November 2014 Issue

Talent Crunch?

How many business owners do you know with an MBA? How many businesses are started by people who have a degree rather than an idea? I often feel like I am the last of a generation. I feel like I was the last person to sneak under the... Read More »

September 2014 Issue

The People Puzzle: Staff Morale Running Low?...

One of our managers asked me how to change morale within his department the other day. I have... Read More »

August 2014 Issue

The Cost Of Training – Plains Perspective

The blank page can be an incredibly daunting thing. If all you do is stare at it, nothing will happen.... Read More »

July 2014 Issue

Reeds In The Wind: Politics & The...

      I know we have spoken about foreign workers on more than one... Read More »

May – June 2014 Issue

The Need To Continue Learning – Plains...

We continue to insulate our companies in order to protect our companies. All we are truly doing is... Read More »

April 2014 Issue

Outsourcing Safety – Plains Perspective

We continue to insulate our companies in order to protect our companies. All we are truly doing is... Read More »