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April 2017 Issue
procurement who gives a shit

Procurement Who Gives A Shit?

I could have labelled the title for my article as Procurement Best Practices, but unless you are either a seasoned or newly schooled procurement specialist you likely would have skipped right over to the next article in this issue of... Read More »

February 2017 Issue

Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction of the Keystone...

Oilfield PULSE Magazine February 2017 The White House Office of the Press Secretary For... Read More »

February 2017 Issue

HUB Bytes: February 2017

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB HUB Byte – Chart of Accounts Did you know we overhauled the Chart of Accounts functionality in the Daily Field Reporting service module? With our latest Oilfield HUB – Daily... Read More »

February 2017

Why do you want to use Oilfield...

To be successful with the current commodity prices you have to run a lean operation. Having all of the... Read More »

February 2017 Issue

Carbon Corner: Do As I Say, Not...

Both our federal and provincial governments are forcing us to change our ways as they continue to live... Read More »

February 2017

What Defines A Mentor? Premier Brad Wall...

January 1st, 2017 was both a happy and sad day for many Albertans. A day filled with anticipation as... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

Price Vs. Cost

THERE IS HIDDEN MONEY IN HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR VENDOR NETWORK Oil and gas producers have a certain skill set based on the talent they need to find deposits of organic material that has rotted below the surface of the earth for the past... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

Carbon Corner: Low Information Carbon Consumers

I’m a self-admitted news junky, particularly when the stories, videos and news programs provide some... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

HUB 101 The Vendor Management Problem

Vendors offer products and services that are crucial in all facets of the lifecycle of a well. With each... Read More »

January 2017 Issue
the five stages of oil and gas grief

The Five Stages Of Oil And Gas...

Just a mere 4 years ago I was sitting in a downtown boardroom in Calgary across from a leading player... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

HUB Bytes – January 2017

Tips, Tricks & Inside Info For Oilfield HUB HUB Byte – Preferred Vendor Manager – Vendor Ratings Did you know you can customize your vendor ratings in Oilfield HUB? Producers and EPCs who are using the Preferred Vendor... Read More »

January 2017 Issue

Oilfield HUB Inc. Launches Chart of Accounts...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Oilfield HUB service and online supply network is a single source... Read More »

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