Survivor Alberta – Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! Sound familiar? This may be the slogan from Survivor, but they’re also the defining words to live by for most oil and gas companies these days. The last few years have been a game of survival, outwitting the slump to keep businesses viable, relying on ingenuity to outplay detractors who want to see the industry fail, and outlasting prolonged and depressed prices that have been anything but desirable. Many have managed to keep their torch burning, but not every company, contractor and employee has been so lucky. Just like Survivor, many have had their torch extinguished and have been ‘voted’ off the island.

The Survivor Alberta game we’ve been unwillingly playing has taken its toll. Some have been lucky enough to remain on the energy sector island. We wanted to hear how these companies are surviving the slump in the latest issue of Oilfield PULSE.

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Issue #January 2017 Issue
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Issue #December 2016 Issue

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