Evaluating Vendor Performance – No Pain, No Gain!

“We have the best pricing, superior quality products, great service, and over 30 years of experience!” Have you ever heard this common marketing hype? Chances are you have, but have you ever selected a vendor simply because they claim they are the best? Not likely! That said, can a vendor differentiate themselves during the tendering process based on performance?

We all know quality and performance matter, that’s obvious, but how much does it matter if it’s not being measured? How can companies anticipate the performance of new vendors, or better yet, consistently evaluate the vendors they already use? Companies often default to the vendors they’ve always used simply because they’ve always used them. But what if there’s a better vendor out there who deserves a shot at your business?

So, we’re asking, why them? Evaluating vendor performance, is it a deal breaker or a deal maker? No pain, no gain!

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Issue #January 2017 Issue
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